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Aluminum Material:
The basic characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloy Application of aluminum alloy in modern industry is very extensive, the main reason for its has the following characteristics: ▲ light weight ▲Corrosion resistance ▲ formability ▲ strength ▲ cutting ▲ surface treatment ▲ conductivity ▲ workability ▲ non-toxic ▲ non-magnetic ▲ welding Sex ▲ thermal conductivity ▲ without low temperature brittleness ▲ regeneration ▲ reflex.

The excellent characteristics of aluminum and its alloys is the good appearance, light weight, can be physical and mechanical properties, good machining property, and good corrosion resistance, so that the aluminum And aluminum alloy is considered in many applications, the most economical and practical.The density of aluminum only 2.7g/cm3, about steel, copper or brass density(Divided Don't be 7.83g/Cm3,8.93g/Cm3), the 1/3. Under most circumstances, including in the air, the water(Or saline)Petroleum Chemistry, and so Many chemical system, aluminum can display excellent corrosion resistance.Reflective aluminum surface height. Radiation, visible light, radiant heat and wave Can effectively be aluminum reflector, and the surface of the anodic oxidation and the dark anodic oxidation can be reflective, can also be absorbent, after polishing Aluminum has superior reflectivity in a wide wavelength range,It has a variety of decorative purposes and use with reflection function
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