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Part of domestic CNC horizontal lathe CCMT2014 Exhibition

With the rapid development of China's power, shipbuilding, aerospace, energy, metallurgy, transportation and other industries, shaft parts towards more large size, heavy load direction, at the same time request processing equipment with high complex, to meet the heavy load and low machining error requirement. Such as the rotor state key project of nuclear power, and processing of large steam turbine rotor and generator rotor, its specifications, precision has exceeded the scope of the past general machine tools, high efficiency, high accuracy, the high complex requirements for CNC horizontal lathe.
In the eighth China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT2014), exhibited at the national high level CNC horizontal lathe, which, Qinghai Huading Heavy Machine Tool Co Ltd (LAI) HT Ⅳ 160.03 CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe exhibition of CHG61250 × 6/40 CNC turning and milling composite machine tool and transfer heavy machinery exhibition the most representative, part precision indexes have reached the international advanced level.
This machine is mainly used for processing various shaft parts of the outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, irregular surface, thread, keyway end, with cars, milling, boring, drilling function, fully embodies the characteristics of complex, high precision, high speed heavy-duty horizontal lathe.
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