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Part of domestic CNC horizontal lathe CCMT2014 Exhibition

With the rapid development of China's power, shipbuilding, aerospace, energy, metallurgy, transportation and other industries, shaft parts towards more large size, heavy load direction, at the same time request processing equipment with high complex, to meet the heavy load and low machining error requirement. Such as the rotor state key project of nuclear power, and processing of large steam turbine rotor and generator rotor, its specifications, precision has exceeded the scope of the past general machine tools, high efficiency, high accuracy, the high complex requirements for CNC horizontal lathe.
In the eighth China CNC Machine Tool Exhibition (CCMT2014), exhibited at the national high level CNC horizontal lathe, which, Qinghai Huading Heavy Machine Tool Co Ltd (LAI) HT Ⅳ 160.03 CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathe exhibition of CHG61250 × 6/40 CNC turning and milling composite machine tool and transfer heavy machinery exhibition the most representative, part precision indexes have reached the international advanced level.
This machine is mainly used for processing various shaft parts of the outer cylindrical surface, conical surface, irregular surface, thread, keyway end, with cars, milling, boring, drilling function, fully embodies the characteristics of complex, high precision, high speed heavy-duty horizontal lathe.
(1) structure
The machine as a whole four rail structure, ensure the rigidity; two guide rails for tool adopts the linear guide rail pair of high speed, low friction. The linear guide rail used in CNC horizontal lathe, is rare.
Main transmission adopts the dual motor drive technology in today's world of advanced machine tools with high power, turning the main motion, and high precision C axis function, so as to realize the functions of milling, drilling of composite machine, boring.
The Z axis drive dual motor advanced driving control mode, mechanical transmission is simple and reliable, can improve the system stability. Tool selection eight station powered cutter tower, can realize the automatic position switch, milling, drilling, selecting different position boring power head, the multi process can realize complex parts.
Machine axis of control for X, Z, Y, C four axis, three axis linkage can be realized.
(2) the main technical parameters
The bed gyration diameter φ 2500mm, had the largest knife processing diameter 2000mm, maximum workpiece weight between 40t top, disk maximum torque of 25kN • m, spindle speed (stepless) 1-320r/min, C axis speed (stepless) 0.1-4r/min, beating 0.005mm 0.012mm precision spindle radial, Z positioning, X positioning accuracy 0.008mm, C axis positioning accuracy of ± 8 ″, NC system for SIEMENS 840DSL.
(3) compared with foreign advanced level
Machine tools with cars, milling, boring, drilling and other functions, can meet the complex parts of a card, machining process, is a compound high CNC horizontal lathe. In today's world, a lot of advanced machine tool manufacturing plant also have similar products, such as Austria WFL company, Germany's Waldrich Siegen ltd.. Compound similar machine of WFL company more, shaft parts can be realized through most of one time clamping, processing tasks to complete all the processes. But in the machine specifications are not on the machine, the largest bearing only 25 tons. The German Waldrich Siegen company's products has always been the world leader in CNC heavy horizontal lathe, its products with advanced technology, high precision, to maintain the accuracy and good reliability, high machine complex, which can meet the machining efficiency and can meet the precision machining high precision. The machine with the German Waldrich Siegen company's advanced products have a certain gap.
The machine is suitable for machining shafts, and other rotary parts, using high-speed steel, carbide and ceramic tool, black metal, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic parts of the cylindrical surface, conical surface, cutting groove, thread and various rotating surface rough, finishing.
(1) structure
X, Z axis are hydrostatic guideway, has the characteristics of no mechanical friction, no creep, high stiffness, high precision; the spindle box used in shaft structure, and is equipped with thermal symmetric key, the gears are 5 stage grinding process.
The tailstock sleeve using thermal compensation structure, equipped with the jacking force detection and overcurrent relay double insurance mechanism, ensure the machine work safety. Tailstock moving on the bed, the worm worm bar form, the stopping effect is good. The tailstock and the sleeve moves are mobile, the disc spring clamping hydraulic releasing.
The X axis of SIEMENS AC servo motor drive imported high precision ball screw shaft; Z dual SIEMENS AC servo motor drive, double gear rack structure, and equipped with a Heidenhain grating ruler, characteristics of the X, Z axis is provided with high positioning accuracy, low reverse gap.
The main parts all adopt high strength gray iron, using the advanced finite element analysis technology, the parts of the stiffness optimization, improve machine performance and stability.
(2) the main technical parameters
The bed gyration diameter φ 1600mm, had the largest knife processing diameter 1250mm, maximum length of workpiece 16000mm center, 63T center, the maximum weight of the workpiece, the spindle speed range of 25kN • m, spindle speed (stepless) 1-200r/min, turret vertical moving speed of 6000mm/min, a cutter frame transverse moving speed of 4000mm/min, roundness 0.005mm/ φ 100, cylindricity 0.01mm/ φ 300, the machine tools repeatability positioning accuracy of the X axis 0.007, Z axis 0.007, numerical control system SIEMENS 840D (3) compared with foreign advanced level
The machine features high precision, can meet the requirements of high precision parts machining


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