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Electric time achievement CNC machining center new development pattern
In recent years, along with the various businesses involved in electronic commerce, to the site, to split their territory, and buying habits change people now, all indicates the e-commerce era has arrived, the same in NC machining industry, industry experts said, in the information age, electronic commerce more and more strong, development potential immeasurable, CNC machining center industry business is also the road to be imperative.
CNC machining center CNC machine tool is a function over the whole of the. It is the milling, boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting functions concentrated in a single device, it has a variety of technology means. Feng leather engaged in traditional CNC machining industry for many years, with the advent of the era of e-commerce, let Feng leather also see new opportunities of development. Feng leather said, CNC machining center is composed of mechanical equipment and CNC system is suitable for the machining of complex high automation tool parts. CNC machining center is one of the NC machine tool is currently the most widely the world's highest yield, application. At present the main advantages of the NC machining center is reflected in the: 2014-6-18
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