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SpaceX Tour

This is from a few years ago, but Elon takes you on a tour of SpaceX Headquarters. He goes though the machine shop where they make parts for the engines in the third “section” of the video. Says they make 80% of the parts for Falcon and Dragon in-house.

Fadal TR 65 5th axis

Hey guys I bought a vmc40 a while back and got a 5th axis with it and I never use it I’m looking to get rid of it and I’d get rid of the boards with it. the 5th is in great shape. Does anyone have an idea of what it may be work with the boards?

Looking to buy a new cnc mill

I’m looking to buy a new cnc vertical mill. I don’t need anything huge. I’ve looked at the Hyundai-kia vx500 and the DMG Mori DuraVertical 5100. From the two, the Hyundai has more travel but the Mori has a higher max spindle speed. I only need 3 axis. I’d rather stay towards Fanuc control because thats what the majority of are machines are but we do have a few Mazaks. Any suggestions?

Problems tapping 6061 aluminum

Hey all! I’ve been having an issue with tapping some M2 holes in 6061 T6 aluminium, the taps have been either breaking or they have been gumming up. I’ve tried all sorts of different things in order to correct it but nothing seems to work.

Here is everything that i can think of that would be useful

Tools used
-Haas Minimill
-Brand new ER16 collets and holders
-Flooding with Kool Mist #77
-Balax M2, d5 uncoated forming tap (part number 17285010)
-OSG – 8650181 – Screw Machine Length Drill Bits Series/List: 1150 Drill Bit Size (Decimal Inch): 0.0713 (MM 1.81)

Drill speed/feeds
5999rpm, 3in/min Plunge, peck depth 0.1″, chip break distance 0.08″,

Tap speed/feeds

Hole 1
-2mm deep through hole
-Tap is being sent 0.015″ past the bottom of the hole
-There is 0.0571″ clearance beneath the hole

Hole 2
-Blind hole that is 5.9mm deep (~0.232283″)
-Tap is being sent 3.4mm deep (~0.13385827″)

When running the operation, the drilling and tapping has been separated so I can clear the holes with compressed air (nothing becomes unclamped)

Usually on the second or third taping operation the tap retracts with a line of aluminum firmly stuck on the tap, like so:

These are the pieces we are working on and the fixture that holds them (the billets get attached to a larger aluminum plate that has a vacuum hold down)


On the left is an empty space where the piece is clamped in with a brass miteebite pitbull clamp with 25ft/lbs of torque. The center piece is the underside of the cut part in question, and on the right is an uncut piece clamped into position.

We have also drilled and tapped 35 holes in a row on an aluminum billet with all the same specs successfully which makes this all the more frustrating. The hole depths on that test were the same as the blind hole for these pieces.

Is there anything I am missing? Whats going on here? And how do we fix it?

Thanks for your time!

Adding a jog wheel to Tree 310 with Dynapath 10

I’ve been told this was an option, how do I tell in the controls if it’s able to be enabled on my machine so I can pick one up and install it, right now I have the parameters set so my feed override also controls rapid over ride, and I have to just turn that down, then jog with the switch on rapid mode with the knob set to the ipm I want to feed. Kinda crappy.


Touch probe to measure XY coordinates

Hi everyone I am planning to buy a touch probe to measure XY coordinates . Currently we are using a mechanical edge finder . As it is my first time to buy this stuff I seek some advise from those who are already using it . By the way I have checked renishaw website they got lot of inspection probes which is way too expensive . Currently I am just looking to measure the XY coordinates only not to inspect the part.