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Vmc spindle out of tram but axis seems square

2000 yang vmc 1000, same machine as hardinge ii 1000. Machine is level, using a granite 18 square z travel is out less than .0005 to x and y. But sweeping the table front and left side is low .002 over 8 inches. To cross check I ran tenths indicator across the face of the spindle and it’s low .0005 same sides over about 2 inches.
Also if I lean on the head it will easily move back andd up .002 while sweeping. I will remove sheet metal tonight to investigate. Ever seen this? May have a loose truck or balls gone? Rails loose?
Thanks, steve

Any good sites on getting up to speed with 5 Axis?

Hey Folks,

Been about three years since I’ve posted here. Guess I’ve had too much going on between life and work. Just glanced through some posts and it’s good to see familiar names posting their familiar rants. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I pulled the trigger on a Mazak VCU500A-5X on Friday. Machine is being built and happily it won’t be here til October so it gives me time to figure out as much as I can before the machine actually hits the floor. This will be my first experience in 5 axis and a Mazak mill. I bought a Mazak lathe last year (QTS250M) but I never touch it. I know nothing about running CNC lathes so I have guys to do that. However milling is what I do primarily (as well as running the company), so I’ll be the one putting this new machine through it’s paces and getting it up to speed.

I have a ton of questions about tooling and fixturing, but before I swamp this forum with stupid questions that have been answered a million times I was wondering if anyone had a good online 5-axis specific resource they wouldn’t mind sharing. I’ve seen a couple interesting sites but just figured I’d ask here first since I’ve had conversations with people on here who do a lot of 5 axis work and really know their stuff. Thanks in advance!

C Axis Lathe: De-burring crossed holes on X axis (G107)

I’m working on a stainless steel part that has 2 thru holes on the X axis. It does leaves some pretty hard burrs of course.I want to deburr the holes using a spot drill or carbide drill mill, before it is transferred to other spindle.

I could have it de-burred simply by the spot drill spotting but the break edge is totally uneven!

I know this is achievable using G107(cross contour?), I have Mastercam X8, I just don’t know the procedures to achieve this.

I posted a picture of the part to make it for you guys to understand.


Average hourly CNC HBM machine rate in the USA???

Hello all of you wise and noble souls (and soles),
I was wondering, is there a place a person can go to get an idea of average current shop rates on say a 1600mm table, pallet changer, CNC HBM in as many different places in the great and wonderful USA, from sea to shining sea, as possible?
I am tired of the song and dance, I am too old and fat for all the BS that goes with the indecisive answers and all the manipulation that seems to be required in any semi definite acquisition of such info.
Can I look somewhere and find an average for the state on Pennsylvania or Ohio or Wisconsin or anywhere here in the states. A current average. I don’t care about the twisted truths of China or Brazil or Ghana or wherever else there are poor souls being manipulated far worse than we, just the United States of America.
I am not looking to do any extensive analysis, I want someone else to do all the leg work. I don’t want to call all the shops, I just want the fruits of someone else’s toils.
There, that’s the truth, nothing sugar coated. That’s all I want and trust there might be a wonderful person out there that might provide such a source.


Fundamentals of Push v Pull Manufacturing Philosophies and Their Application?

Good Morning, All —

Although I have a top-level understanding of the differences between “Push” and “Pull” manufacturing philosophies, I’d like to explore the subject more deeply. Is there a particular textbook or magazine feature article that you’d especially recommend, and if so, what is it?

Thanks in advance,


How many still pay for things in cash?

This came up because on the news tonight it was announced that our National Bank would stop printing our own money (Danish Crowns DKK) as from 2016 and have what was needed printed in another country. Probably Ireland.

That made me think that I very rarely have more than $20 to $30 (OK the equivalent in Danish money of course) on me. I usually pay with a card and often ask to get $20 over back just to have some money in my pocket.

When abroad though we/I do prefer cash and only exchange money at banks.

Wages here are never paid in cash. You have to give your bank account number and the money is transferred. Helps keep people honest with regard to our high taxation LOL You can pay some to do something for you “under the table” but you’re in trouble if you get found out.

How common is paying in cash in your country?

EU new safety rules for EMF exposure

The EU is implementing directives to limit welder’s exposure to EMF.
I didn’t even think it was an issue. There are smelters I’ve been to that you can’t wear a watch and tools stand on end because of the magnetic fields.
How long with this new legislation take to trickle down to the rest of the developed world?
Sounds like another hoop to jump thru.

EMFWeld – Electromagnetic fields in welding – YouTube

Understanding the SolidCAM postprocessor

Hi there.

I’ve been having some issues with my 5axis Hurco VM10U machine when i enable compensation in SolidCAM,and then try to apply it in machine.Changing the diameter causes gcode to generate wrong line geometry.

I’ve downloaded the GPPtool user guide,been reading through it and comparing it to my .PRP ,the user guide says that comp_exist line should be a logical yes OR no,and here there are both:

comp_exist = Y N

If first one defines the compesantion feature as YES,what does the “N” stand for?
I’ ve checked through some other PRP files of other machines,some of them (where compesantion is functional) have the “comp_exist = Y Y”

Thanks in advance

Time to move on from CAM

So I reworded this for the haters:
I’m interested in peoples experiences with their cam packages.
I need something proficient or half decent at 4 axis.

I have tried 10 or more evaluation packages and am ready to buy.

I don’t use solidworks so solidcam is out.
Budget is around 2k, maybe a bit more if I get what I need. Featurecam I’m experienced with but its 4 axis rotary is truely poor in terms of functionality.
Would like to hear your 4 axis experiences.