Reset ZRN ’97 Robodrill Fanuc 16I

Just got temporary power to then old RoboDrill.

It powers up and stays alive for a short while. The drives will power and travel the axis. All 4 axis move. Of course they are in no particular place in their travel and I don’t know how to ZRN them. Each axis does have a small pointer and marker to line up for ZRN.

I have 2 alarms that are listed 4 times one for each axis
300 APC alarm: X,Y,Z,A axis need ZRN (duhh)
307 APC alarm: X,Y,Z,A axis battery down1

I see that the servo drive units have an external raised area labeled battery. Will the batteries charge back up after being out from under power for a year? Surely they need replacing.

Can some one let me in on how to ZRN this lost machine for the first time? I have very little idea how to use the control yet. Thanks for your time and help.

Fanuc OM DNC

I have two Supermax rebel 1 machines, both with Fanuc Oms. I’ve also had one other that I sold last year. Anyway, of my present machines one is of 1994 vintage which has no tape option on the mode switch. For that one (And my previously sold machine) DNC was enabled via inputting M51 in MDI being that there is no tape switch option.

Now, the one I’m having issues with is from 2000 WITH a tape option on the mode switch. I haven’t had to DNC on this machine since putting it into operation, but upload/download programs everyday into memory without issues. The problem I’m running into is the cnc is not sending the signal to the pc to start sending the code.

With everything connected to the PC, program present on labtop and send file on pc side going as it waits for flow control(in tape mode). I hit input, LSK flashes, hit cycle start, nothing.

I know what works on my other machine as far as the order of button pushing goes, but still tried a few different variations with no luck. The labtop just sits waiting for the signal from the cnc, LSK continues to flash.

Any ideas? As we all know Fanuc memory sucks, and can’t even surface something small. I’m backing up Weldon next time he rants about Fanuc.

Anyone familiar with MacHill Machinery in SC

I have no real interest at this moment but I do like to keep up with some machinery dealers and it looks like this one may have gone out of business. Does anyone know for sure? The used to sell the Spinner line of machine tools and several others but the website doesnt work anymore and the last comment on their Facebook page was from August.

Just wondering if they are still operating or not, have not bothered to call them but might if no one know anything about them.


cast iron milling sfpm

i have been collecting data on different milling cutters i use and the programmed sfpm and feed in ipt on programs that are up to 20 years old
……….what i notice is there are highs and lows on both sfpm and feed in ipt
usually most milling cutters with carbide inserts i run are running at 300 to 600 sfpm. now there are times due to part vibration or chatter i can see running slow. i can also see where running 600 sfpm even with coolant there is a concern about too much heat and part might warp or distort more. coolant is mandatory to control part size temperature changes through using 2000 gallon temperature controlled coolant system.
……… so the other day i up the rpm and feed to about 500 sfpm and feed of about .012″
ipt ends up about 40 ipm for 4″ dia facemill. cutter works fine but chips are blue. thinking about it we usually run slow enough chips are not blue quite often
………. with milling 1018 steel i have seen sfpm recommendations of 300-1000 sfpm but i usually run about 600-850.
………..with cast iron i have heard old timers say better to keep it under 600 sfpm and under .013″ ipt. and not make the cast iron too hot. so question is what do others run milling cutters at for milling cast iron ?? do you keep it under 600 sfpm or try for higher ?? what feed in ipt do you run ? ever have part distortion or warpage problems?? my parts are in the 200 lb to 5 ton sizes.

Cylindrical interpolation problem…Doosan Lynx, Fanuc Oi-TD

As the title says. I use the following code but get the error: PS0176 ILLEGAL G-CODE USE (G07.1 MODE).

N1010 T1111 (3MM .1181 CARBIDE END MILL)
N1020 G54
N1030 M35 G98 G97 F20.0
N1040 M3 P12 S6000
N1050 M08
N1060 G7.1 C0.5625
N1070 C0.
N1080 G01 X1.625 Z0.9273 C103.916 F20.0
N1090 X1.225
N1100 X0.995 F10.0
N1110 C270. F20.0
N1120 C436.084
N1130 X1.625

It errors out with the N1070 block highlighted. I’m not sure if that means that is the erroneous block or the following one. According to the manual, you can’t have G00 moves in G07.1 mode, I’ve tried making the N1070 block: G01 C0. F20., but get the same error. I’ve changed the G7.1 to G07.1 with no change.

Any ideas?

Eric U

Help me to make a 3mm brass D-shaft.

Hi Guys, if this belongs somewhere else please let me know. I’m wanting to build a very small transfer case for scale modeling. I drew the assembly in Solidworks 2013. Here is a picture of what I’m wanting to make. It’s got a 3mm diameter is and 31.75mm long. I have a drill press, x/y table with vise, and a 24×24 K2 cnc. I don’t know how to hold the shaft while working it.

Hitachi Seiki VA45 tool changer stuck in mid cycle

1984 Hitachi Seiki VA45 with 32 tool carousel tool changer and fanuc 6mb control stopped in mid tool change. I can swing the tool arm from the manual controller on the side of the machine but none of the other function work. I can home x and y but z cannot move at all I assume it is locked out because plc has
returned control to the cnc side. I can operate tool unlock from control on head but not at side of machine.