Faulty Matsuura MC500V2 with Yaskawa Yasnac MX1 controller

Good day.

Please could someone help me with this problem ? —->

I have a Matsuura MC 500 V2 VMC with a Yasnac MX1 controller.
When I turn the servo power on the spindle moves upwards by about one inch and the servo power shuts off. I then get an ERROR 343 SERVO ERROR (Z). It does this every time I turn on servo power. I have to bring the spindle down again by turning off the power and rotating the ballscrew manually.

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Any good sites on getting up to speed with 5 Axis?

Hey Folks,

Been about three years since I’ve posted here. Guess I’ve had too much going on between life and work. Just glanced through some posts and it’s good to see familiar names posting their familiar rants. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I pulled the trigger on a Mazak VCU500A-5X on Friday. Machine is being built and happily it won’t be here til October so it gives me time to figure out as much as I can before the machine actually hits the floor. This will be my first experience in 5 axis and a Mazak mill. I bought a Mazak lathe last year (QTS250M) but I never touch it. I know nothing about running CNC lathes so I have guys to do that. However milling is what I do primarily (as well as running the company), so I’ll be the one putting this new machine through it’s paces and getting it up to speed.

I have a ton of questions about tooling and fixturing, but before I swamp this forum with stupid questions that have been answered a million times I was wondering if anyone had a good online 5-axis specific resource they wouldn’t mind sharing. I’ve seen a couple interesting sites but just figured I’d ask here first since I’ve had conversations with people on here who do a lot of 5 axis work and really know their stuff. Thanks in advance!

K&T Modu Line Retrofit Baton Rouge

So this is my first post on this forum! My father and I own a small CNC machine shop in Louisiana. A few years ago we bought a 5-axis 1988 Modu Line with a Gemini D-17 controller with 84”X84”X30” of travel. We have been able to jog the machine in all directions so the servos are working(they are equipped with resolvers). I would like to figure out which controller is the best within a reasonable price range: Centroid, Mach3, Fanuc, Fagor, Siemans? Does anyone know of a good company that does retrofits down here? Also we really just want to get the machine running so we wouldn’t need all the super sexy features just basic ones! Any guidance would help.

12xd Pocket 7075

I have a family of parts that I make where they have 6 long pockets that require a 1/2 tool necked 6″ on an 8″ blank. I’ve been machining these parts for a few months now and I haven’t been able to increase my productivity at all.

I’ve tried ramping down .010-.015 at a time, predrilling a hole in the very center and plungemilling. Nothing seems to work.
Anyone have any suggestions?
I’ve played with speeds and feeds and can’t seem to get anything worth bragging about….

Tram out on my Brother


Hope you guys can help – I’m a small one-machine / one-man shop and bought my first machine (Brother TC-S2B, 2005) last September. Initially when the service tech set it up he measured massive spindle run-out on his test bar (think 120micons at 250mm IIRC) ….and the taper looked like it’d had a ding, so I got it reground and run-out from then onwards has been almost perfect.

A few months on though I noticed steps when facing off in the Y-axis with a 63mm Face-mill, so I swept the table and over @250mm (~10”) measured a difference of 0.09mm (nearly 0.004”) in the X (Y was almost perfect).

So I bought a precision level to check the machine was level (and it needed tweaking but this didn’t change the error)……anyway a few months have gone by and this tram error has been eating away at me – if anyone’s going to be screwing jobs up it’s going to be me and not the machine!

I’ve decided I don’t want to live with it anymore, so I’ve done the following having read all the great advice on here in attempt to find the error:

• Checked parallelism of table surface and table travel (within ~5microns)

• Checked Z-Axis is perpendicular to table (using a granite square and DTI in the spindle)
result: Square in Y-Z but out in the X-Z (by about 40micons over 200mm height of the square) – this time I tried adjusting the feet whilst the DTI was still touching the square and surprisingly after a few minor tweaks of the feet I pulled the Z back inline in the X-Z (and Y-Z still good)……..so checked tram again but same bad result as before.

• So spindle it seems is out of alignment with Z and after a couple of other measurements I’m pretty sure it’s not the spindle in the spindle head (if that’s what it’s called?!), but rather the whole spindle head itself that’s mounted on the Z linear ways (machine must have been crashed I assume previous to me due to this and ding in the spindle taper).

The big question is: How do I adjust/fix this??? I’ve been staring at it for a few hours after I removed the side cover and initially thought the threaded holes I’ve highlight might be some sort of adjustment…..but not sure now, and don’t really want to touch anything without advice – so any advice would be massively appreciated.

Apart from this problem it’s an amazing machine and there’s no way I’m gonna give up on it!

Thank you!