How to thread in center of part

So, I’m used to doing threads starting from the end of the part.. If I have a thread that is the same OD as the stock material, and it starts and finishes well within the work piece, how to I make the first threads come out well? I used a g76 but the starting threads are too shallow. So the beginning becomes unusuable for the split screw that attaches to it later.

Thanks for your help.

Hardinge T42 B Axis Problem

Had the T42 running a simple tubing job.
Part has 1/8″ cross hole.
Machine made 100 Pcs. using proven program.
Live cross drill was programed at B0 & B180.

So the mechanical lock was firing and locking.
(this machine only can lock at 2.5 Deg.)

Now it refuses to lock and getting a 2029 alarm.

Have gotten around it for now by programing B6.0 & B186.0
The spindle brake will hold if not divisible by 2.5.
Plenty strong for this job.

Seems it might be a proximity switch gone semi-bad?

Anyone experienced this before?


G76 Threading with Fanuc 0TC

I’m trying to cut a 1.562-12 thread using the G76 threading cycle and am having some problems. My lathe has a Fanuc 0TC control and uses the two-line format for G76. Here’s my code for the thread:

N850 G76 P020060 Q0005 R0.0002
N860 G76 X1.4633 Z-0.56 P0496 Q0070 F0.0833

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There seems to be some variation in the syntax for this cycle amongst the various Fanuc controllers, and even within the same model, particularly in regards to which blocks allow decimal values. What you see above is the only combination that works in my control.

My problem is the number of passes. With my code, the control cuts the thread in 52 (!!) passes. A 12-pitch thread shouldn’t take more than ten passes. Can this be achieved with the G76 cycle?