Siemens SIMODrive 611 Parameters

I have a Siemens SIMODrive 611 controlling the axis and spindle in my Bridgeport VMC-800. The drive controller sets a spindle fault any time a target speed increase of about 200 rpm is requested above 1000 rpm. I have tracked it down to the 600V DC Link supply being hammered by the spindle controller. See the picture below. The machine is being powered by a phase converter with a 20hp idler. I have not been able to look at the incoming power at the HV power supply while triggering on the DC Link dropout. I believe I will need a true differential scope probe to effectively do that.

1) Is there a parameter that can be changed that would reduce the required instantaneous current for the spindle drive? Possibly slow down the acceleration rate? After reading the manual for the drive there appears to be hundreds of parameters but I have no idea which one would help.

2) If the parameters will not help, would one of the capacitor modules be enough to eliminate the error?