Eccentric spiral pocket toolpath

I need some MasterCAM guidance.

I am running X6 and posting to a Fanuc controller.

Our Lathe department has turned a part that has a hole measuring .425 in the center of a cylindrical part.

In the mill I need to cut the hole to be off-center and a DIA of .562.

I want to use a pocket toolpath that will create a spiral from the middle of the existing whole to create the .562 eccentric hole.
What Mastercam currently is doing is entering the hole in the center of the existing hole (which I want it to do) and then moving directly to the center of where the new hole should be and then spiraling out to the full DIA.
What I would like it to do is to enter as it does and from there spiral eccentrically to cut the full DIA.

Is there a way to do this? Any other suggestions for cutting this hole in the mill?

I have attached 3 pictures, the first shows the two holes, the second shows what mastercam is currently doing, and the third is what I want it to do.

Many thanks,

Luke Hicks
CNC Mill Programmer/Operator
Peregrine MFGeccentric-cut.jpgeccentric-cut-1.jpgeccentric-cut-2.jpg