okuma mx45vae osp700m sdf file

Hello all.
This is my first message on practical machinist.

I’ve recently acquired a 1998 okuma mx45vae mill with osp700m control. This is my first okuma mill with no experience on osp controls.

Ive written a program that is 43.8kb in size. Through the help of other threads ive been able to successfully store the program in MD0 and ive successfully created an sdf file in MD1

When I go to the auto mode and press f8 then sp select then * write the sdf file comes up I select it then press write then cycle start.

After a few seconds I get 2203 alarm B schedule program: main program load 10000080

Im assuming this has something to do with the designation of A B and S I believe since the file is large I need to be in the B Designation however after review of the manuals I dont see how to designate B Mode for sdf files. How do I change designation? Any help would be appreciated.