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Help me find the right VMC for are needs.

So after much research and thought the bosses are looking at buying a Haas TM -2p. Who am I kidding they looked at two machines and the Haas was “way cheaper”* The Haas actually looks like a nice machine. But I don’t think it is right for what we need it to do. So what I need it to do is hold a cylinder with a max of 7″ dia x 19″ in a 4th axis rotary with tailstock. Then hard mill with cutters of mostly 1/64 to 1/32″ Will be slotting and pocketing but with a lot of curves and radius. Don’t need to make more then one or two parts a day. Anyone have any recommendations? I am looking at other machines but some companies I swear do not want to sell machines. One wanted my whole life story just to get machine spec’s much less a price.