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Rockwell EFI drill press questions

First off Merry Christmas to everyone

Now for the question, I picked up a Rockwell EFI drill press today without seeing it run. It was cheap enough and I was told it ran. It is a Model 2T geared head, 4 MT spindle, power feed, selector switch for drilling / tapping, foot selector switch for Fwd / Rev. Well I got it back to the shop and there is electrical issues. It seems as it is not getting the power. The tag say 230 volt 1.9/1.3 HP motor. 3phase. I tried a few things and what it boils down to is I was wondering if anyoine here has messed around with one of these. I see on the tag it says made in Portugal. I googled and found out that they were contracted by Rockwell, Doall and originally I think was called a Startrite?? Please tell me if I am wrong. If anyone has any info or a manual I would be happy to purchase. Thank you and like I said Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Mike